Rest of the Day

Had my first and last class of the day end at 2:20. A lot of students might just relax and take in the day.

Free time = main hustle.

Smoke one and get to it. Do whatever you gotta do to get your mind right. Had one of those great late night conversations last night where a lot of real shit was said. The future can be a scary thing.

But how we look towards that future affects everything. Are you a hardcore realist, or a dreamer? I’m  just trying to find that middle ground where dreams begin to manifest in reality.

Back to the conversation. How do we capitalize off this system that might have never been built for us in the first place? We need money to fund dreams, and Mark Pitts said it best: Play the Game to Change the Game.

So let’s play. First things first; finding an entry point.

2 thoughts on “Rest of the Day”

  1. I think finding the middle ground between optimism and realism is hard…. though when you’re young i think you’re more optimistic rather than realistic because you haven’t lived through all those life experiences. though being young isnt a weakness, one day our ideas and optimism will turn into a reality where our children will be living in. Powerful topic

    1. Definitely! Especially in an age where technology is rampant in how we present ourselves, it could easily blur the line between our reality and online presence. In turn this could create a false sense of optimism (ie.people with huge Instagram followings). All about finding the synergy between youth and optimism!

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