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New music.

B Bacc Soon

Although I’m not as focused on my craft as I was in 2017, I still keep my ears to the the development of my sound. Currently, I mix and master most of my music.

This is Me (so far)

Upon graduating university in 2017, I began a freefall in to depression that had formed during my post-secondary pursuit. Unable to satisfy the role I thought I had been given, I attemped to make music with an approach that would eventually make it an income earner. As we all know, things don’t work out as planned. As I realized the whole music thing was never going to work out, my health began to deteriorate and in 2018, with a damaged body and bruised mental state, I had to relearn and rebuild. As of writing this in 2019, I am currently battling psoriasis whilst navigating the road to financial freedom. That road has taken me in to real estate as well as day trading. B Bacc Soon for the update.

B. Bacc.

B. Bacc.


Recent Videos

Second Month Day Trading

I reviewed my second month of day trading with real money. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go as planned.

15 min

It’s Summer!

  Things just 'feel better' when the sun is out. Going to do my best to soak in the rays when I can, although it's looking to be quite a mild summer. I saw the fastest rate of recovery with my psoriasis during the hottest summer months of 2018.   In Canada...

I’ve Been Working (A Lot)

Hey guys. Whoever is reading. I've been busy at work lately. - 95 - stocks - music But in addition to my one track a week I've recently been trying to upload one video a week on Youtube as well. Sometimes if I'm slacking I count the song as the video. You can check...


Do Yourself a Favor

Check up on your health. Because life is a long game. I’ve compiled resources from multiple health gurus that may be able to positively impact your current well-being. 

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