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I’ve Been Working (A Lot)

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Life | 0 comments

Hey guys. Whoever is reading. I’ve been busy at work lately.

– 95

– stocks

– music

But in addition to my one track a week I’ve recently been trying to upload one video a week on Youtube as well. Sometimes if I’m slacking I count the song as the video. You can check out my most recent driving vlog below. I feel like I don’t post enough information here anymore, so here’s some knowledge.

If you are getting in to day trading, consider Interactive Brokers. Their platform, Trader’s Workstation (TWS) is free. You need a $2,000 USD initial investment to get access to real-time data. You need to maintain this amount in order to short sell. Market data subscriptions are an additional price. Links will be below the video. This is for Canadians, your country may be different. Also, note that Canadians are exempt from the pattern day trader rule, meaning there is no $25,000 account minimum.

I was also using DAS Trader for about a month to practice their paper trading platform. It’s a solid simulation for beginners. In fact, I wouldn’t suggest TWS from IB if you are planning on paper trading because a lot of trades are delayed, whereas DAS is real-time. Once you are trading live, however, I would definitely give TWS a shot. More information on my experiences with that to come.




Interactive Brokers:

Market data:

Account minimums:

Margin requirements:

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