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Everyone wants to look good and healthy all the time, whether they are a man or woman. For this our generation goes to saloons and health clubs to maintain their selves. But the vital question is whether you are healthy from your core? Are you strong internally?

Today what we eat is equipped with pesticides and chemicals including fruits, vegetables, and other meals. This is the major cause of diseases in our body. If you want to be healthy, beautiful and attractive internally and externally then we will suggest you a wonder food “apple cider vinegar”. In short, we call it ACV.

Apple cider vinegar is the popular and dominant type of vinegar in the health community as it has a lot of benefits to our body. Antiviral, Antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties make it a solution for all problems. It is very inexpensive to buy and you should always go for organic when available. Now we will discuss how Apple Cider Vinegar helps our body in daily routine.

For Liver Detoxification:

It acts as a natural detoxifier for our liver as it removes harmful toxins from it. It improves the functioning of the liver. It improves the appetite and normalizes liver enzymes and helps in the case of liver inflammation. Very common issues such as fatty liver and swelling can be removed with it.


Today many health issues are occurring due to constipation. Sitting jobs and untimely meals are raising constipation issue in youngsters. In this case, ACV is the best solution. It is a mild natural laxative. It contains pectin and malic acid which is beneficial in removing all the waste from the body and removes constipation.


ACV has the vital property to maintain the acidity levels in the body. It maintains PH levels and increases the alkalinity. By enhancing healthy digestion, it removes gastric and acidity problems from the body. In case of food poisoning, apple cider vinegar helps a lot. It relaxes and calms our digestive system.

Weight management:

Today, increased weight is a common issue in this generation. Fast foods, water pollution, job issue, stress and all other causes are doing us shapeless. Collection of fat is increasing and health is getting down. Having one or two spoons daily of ACV with water will help you a lot from coming out of this weight issue. You can maintain your figure well with ACV as it is a natural detoxifier.

Give your weight loss regimen an extra kick with apple cider vinegar.

Skin and Hair Treatment:

When we take ACV daily, it removes all the harmful germs from our body that enhances the growth of pimples on the face. It clears your face even in one week after using it regularly. It also acts as a great natural conditioner for your hair. Take some ACV by mixing it with water and rinse your hair after applying shampoo. It will give you shiny and voluminous hair. It also removes the fungal infection from the scalp.

How to take:

You can take one or two tablespoons of ACV in one glass of water before having supper.

You can also add honey to taste.


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