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Finished my last full course load term Saturday! No more driving to campus or living that college student life and it feels good to finally focus on priorities, albeit one final course left on my plate (an elective). Also finished up my last batch of demos for the year, 30 to be exact. Things are slowly coming together behind the scenes for my reintroduction to y’all in the upcoming year.

After my last exam finished on Saturday, I headed straight to a family Christmas dinner. I had a very interesting conversation with a younger cousin, who is 13 years old. The way she was talking had me and my other cousins saying damn, haha! Social media really got y’all growing beyond your years. She even said herself her teachers said students her age have a lot of talent but are not humble. A lot of people my age quickly dismiss this younger generation due to their often crazy or irrational behavior on social media, as well as the things they say. I think it’s easy to forget all the stupid, cringeworthy ish we said back then. To be honest, I was probably on some similar type of thought process back when I was preparing for high school, which is a huge chapter in the life of youth.

We often put down the kids saying they have it easy what with all the technology they have available around them. Back when I was 13 Facebook had just started popping off. But I bet if we had access to what they had we’d be all over it too! I think we forget to recognize all the benefits of this. Kids are advancing a lot more quickly. Of course that comes at a price. The saying goes “too smart for your own good,” right? I mean, you can’t actually expect an eight grader to tweet like a 22-year-old college graduate.

These young bulls still have so much time to grow. So much space to move. This technology they have been blessed with, although in some aspects may have slowed down their natural capability (ie. hand writing, simple math), at the same time it let’s them skip the basics and get a grasp on virtual tools that will be necessary in the future (ie. media marketing, speed in proofreading essays).

Let them try to think wise beyond their years. They fall and make mistakes as did we. It seems that once we get a bit older we get a sense that our moral compass is automatically more accurate without considering the fine tuning necessary to get there. We had to post all that stupid break up shade, skip that class to smoke a j, judge that person just because they didn’t come to the party in order to learn what we know now.

Soon come the youth are gonna creep up on ya asses and what will you do then? Ahaaa have a blessed day folks, Christmas coming!


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