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Maybe it hasn’t been clear, but I am an advocate for responsible drug use. I am of the belief that recreational drug use, within a safe dosage range, can be very rewarding. In my journey of self discovery, I often find it hard to obtain the right substance for a long day at work. There’s no way I’d be able to operate at my desk job on acid or mushrooms, and MDMA would throw me over the edge of the confines of an office chair. A small bowl out of a bong did me pretty well a few years back when I was really on my high horse. Even then, that hint of paranoia that always crept up when I used to smoke a lot stopped me from wanting to light herb during work hours.

Enter modafinil. Modafinil is a nootropic. A nootropic is a cognitive enhancement drug available in the form of powder, usually inside of capsules. These drugs are produced with the goal of augmenting memory and promoting overall brain health. Under the influence of this drug, one might find themselves more receptive to new information and ideas.

Modafinil is often prescribed to patients with narcolepsy. It has been shown to increase wakefulness. Therefore, it is best taken earlier on in the day to reduce the likelihood of it preventing your ability to sleep at night. For this purpose, it has been a great assistance to my lifestyle. After giving up caffeine at the start of 2018, I found myself longing for that morning boost. Modafinil was able to provide that but to a different degree. While it didn’t supply that caffeine buzz, it also didn’t hit me with that dreaded crash. Rather, it was this enlightened feeling that maintained itself throughout the day. I’d definitely recommend it to anybody trying to curve a caffeine addition. After all, caffeine is really not all that beneficial for our bodies, especially given the average human consumption.

Although not much research has been done to verify any negative side effects stemming from long term modafinil use, there are circles of people online who will vouch for its safety. Speaking from six months of on and off experience, I can say that I did not notice any negative side effects. I took it on at least 40 days, sometimes three days straight, and on my off days I did not feel any withdrawal symptoms to warrant concern. Really, last week the only difference I noticed was on a day I didn’t take it, I was super tired on the drive home from work. But this has always been an issue fror me even in 2017 when I used to have a cup of coffee every morning.

On days that I take modafinil, I have come to appreciate what¬† I will get out of it. Within the hour, I will find myself in a slightly elated mood, eager to tackle the tasks for the day. The effects are more easily felt in the first few hours and it slowly tapers off. I say slowly because I don’t notice when it starts to fade, given that the initial effects are not that potent to begin with.

Don’t take modafinil expecting anything crazy. It is merely a small crutch to walk you through the day, without feeling like you are necessarily ‘on something.’ It is important to note that I was taking 200 mg tablets. I will continue to take them throughout the year and provide an update before winter.


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