Raw as You Want to Be.


Concluding November, Meek captures the hearts of hip hop listeners in a way we perhaps haven’t seen since his sophomore release Dreams Worth More Than Money. After settling old beefs, and a stint in jail stemming from a probation violation, Meek comes from a new vantage point. Maturity is a huge takeaway from this project. Topics like prison reform, black American freedom, and  beating the odds are well explored. This album makes use of prominent samples, one example being the Dead President’s sample on What’s Free, which also features a tidal wave of a verse from Hov himself, with some crowning it verse of the year. The most prominent, and unexpected sample comes from Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight. Meek comes through blazing as he does in his album intros, except this one may be his best one to date under Dreams and Nightmares. The project slightly lags towards the end, but nonetheless, wraps up strong on the introspective Cold Hearted II. This is not only album of the month, it is a top five hip hop project of 2018.

SAD SATURDAYS (12.16.18)

Yes, it’s been over three months since my last post. What can I say, this blog’s ambition fell apart. I had started this little project paying writers to contribute to sections of my site so this could become some type of community. More so, it was a side project to get me through the worst days of my skin disease recovery. I came to realize I didn’t have the guap to keep pushing the content necessary to maintain relevance, and, well, the blogging era frankly died five years ago. Video is king! Content is visual! And millenials only got time for Twitter thoughts. Alas, this will be my private space once again. For your access whenever you need a bridge of communication the world won’t provide. Then one day, hopefully in the near future, when my brand has risen in to prominence, eager eyes will dissect these thoughts. For that possibility, you can expect at least one to two posts a month. A lot has been learned regarding skin disease, investments, and self improvement. Now, BACK TO THIS MUSIC.


Fastest dive coaster √

Longest dive coaster √

Tallest dive coaster √

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Wait, so you’re telling me there are drugs in real life that inspired Limitless?


RIP Smoke Dawg. Legend in the city. Halal gang. Three murders in broad daylight. Stop this. Shitty ending to a great month in hip hop.


Finger lickin’ health foods for the broke boys.


Who ready for that new A$AP tomorrow?


‘Nuff said.


For this week’s Motivation Monday, we have a little flashback video from Ryan Bahra, owner of Kingdom of Iron. Over two years ago, he made a vow to open his own fitness facility. Last June, he made it happen.