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Cover Art from Eminem’s 2010 album ‘Recovery’

This isn’t a post about Eminem (still trying to forget that Revival ever happened). It does allude to what he was going through in the process of recording that album. Recovery was seen as a return to form for the legendary MC  after mixed reactions towards Relapse, its predecessor (which has acquired a cult following including myself).

The return to form involved a cleansing of the system. Coming off a life threatening drug addiction, Em had to forego old habits and adopt a new lifestyle. This meant a consistent regimen involving training, proper dieting and positive energy at all times.

This is where my current situation falls through. I have been dealing with a skin disease known as psoriasis since 2012. Although, it wasn’t until the past two year period where it really started taking  its toll on me. In December, I decide to take things in to my own hands and fight it naturally, rather than continue the path of steroid creams prescribed by doctors.

Now, closing in on two months in to the process, having started January 3rd, I have so much on my mind, and my body. I want to go in to more details about this disease as well as my road to recovery. However, before I do that, I realize I haven’t provided a development on the bitcoin topic I started over two months ago.

To be honest, going through this recovery process has debilitated my work ethic and taken focus away from my ambition and goals. No excuses, simply facts which I hope to explain as I get back in gear on the blog posts. Bitcoin article will be coming Wednesday. I had to type that out to ensure I commit.

Thank you. BBaccSoon.

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