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Hope everyone is having a great day. In the North we taking in what little warmth we can get. Ten degrees then we touching negative temps again tonight. I’m telling you man, Canadian winters don’t play! Spring come and we just got snowfall a week back. Winter putting in that overtime!

Anyways, I got a new joint I’m releasing Friday called Step Up In It, produced by Vintage Beats. Was thinking of putting it on my tape but I think I’ll just leave it floating by itself on the cloud. Look out for that when it drop.

My posts have been a little bare lately, apart from the video release a month back there hasn’t been anything. That’s my fault. Been up to a lot behind the scenes, which of course I say all the time. But when you’re making a reintroduction back in to music in the public eye, know how that goes. But what’s been going on with you though. What’s up with the youth in 2017?

I know March Break ended for a lot of the kids, and Spring Break came and went for the college crowd. Then we got our high school yutes ready to make moves. The fact that I’m graduating university has me reminiscing, as i often do on boring days slumped on an office chair. A lot of you are making your post secondary decisions at this point. A lot of college applications being filled and big conversations about the future with mom and dad. Take pride in what you’re trying to do, but keep in mind who you’re doing it for. As for those that have no idea what they want to do, it’s funny. Not that you don’t know, but how I had this pretentious attitude to those who didn’t know at that time just because I felt like I had it all mapped out. Four years later and I took the biggest detour you could take from a destination! Don’t stress, everyone moves at their own pace. Coming from a 23-year-old undergraduate, it makes things especially worse when you start comparing yourself to your peers. There’s too much going on right now to let your immediate environment destroy you.

I think I’ll leave that thought there for today.

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