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Constantly at war with my mind and my sanity. Will let you know when I win that battle.


I’m trying to prepare a sequence of releases starting with a music video drop this Friday. Subwoofer Muzik August 25th. Once again shot by Terence from Soul Media Lab. Just a little refresher, I did release a Soundcloud loosie a few weeks back. That one’s called Level Up, Final Boss.


Just got off a little vacation a few weeks back as well. Caribana weekend, celebration of culture that happens yearly. Really I was just in Toronto for four days. Made sure I enjoyed myself, definitely refreshing to be outside of the basement for once. Need those rays for my troublesome psoriasis.


News been fuckin’ us up as per usual. This Charlottesville shit is crazy. RIP Heather Heyer. I’m all about free speech, but Nazi flags are a different story given history. We hear how some of y’all feel loud and clear in this new era. I’m sure if it was radical Islamists who had done this we wouldn’t be blaming ‘both sides.’ I saw that Vice doc, it was brutal. Link below just so you can see for yourself. So much hate online it’s hard to maintain composure when you scroll through your phone nowadays.

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