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This winter has been quite a ride for my skin disease. Going in to October of 2018, I was damn near 90% clear. As the weather got colder my skin started resisting. My body stopped bouncing back after my weekly cheat days and stubborn areas even got worse.

Evidently, these were the areas where I had applied steroid creams the most. My extremities, specifically knees and elbows, were at the brunt of this comeback of psoriasis. It’s definitely a punch in the gut seeing flakes on your clothes again after you went so long without them.

In December, I had my worst flare up since I had started the diet in January 2018. Swollen eyes, red ears, and my neck was relentless! Nights with scratching until it oozed and soaked my pillow. Ugh. Fortunately, the flare up overall wasn’t as bad as the first stage of my detox, as it was mainly above the upper chest. This happened after one of my regular cheat days.

I had started reincorporating cheat days at the start of August. Once a week on Saturdays, full out and hardcore (donuts for breakfast, pizza for lunch, ice cream for dinner…and MORE). Over time, and in sync with the weather, my body would give me those signs when you just know something isn’t working. As I reflect though, I cannot say the huge flare up was purely due to the cheat day. That’s because the exact same flare up happened right before I started the diet and within almost a year exact. Both during the harsh points of winter. So a part of me wants to think that this is just part of the recovery process. Perhaps I am still experiencing symptoms of tsw, as I have not touched a majority of my steroid creams in just over a year now.

Going forward, I try to keep this mindset: keep the comparisons relative. So, rather than comparing this winter to the summer, if I compare it to the winter that kicked off 2018 and my overall psoriasis protocol, it’s a lot better. Therefore, I’m hoping that the summer of 2019 will be even more rewarding for my skin than last year.


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